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제목 ologgerd
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IPD/OS tool 은 O/S 및 Cluster Resource 관련된 상태 정보 데이터를 스스로 수집하여 장애를 검출해 내고 그 원인을 분석 합니다
clusterware,ASM,RAC 에서 발생할수 있는 문제들의 이해를 돕는역할을...

The ologgerd is part of Oracle Cluster Health Monitor and is used by the Oracle Support to troubleshoot RAC problems. If ologgerd process is consuming a lot of CPU and writes a lot of data to disk, it can be stopped by executing on both nodes


crsctl stop resource ora.crf -init
crsctl delete resource ora.crf -init
$GRID_HOME/bin/crsctl stop res ora.crf -init

off시켜도 뭐...별일 안생긴다
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