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작성자 유건데이타 등록일 2021-11-08
제목 [12c] creating new log segment

12c 에서 디비를 내렷다 올리지도 않았는데 올라온흔적이 보인다...

그 앞에는 alertlog에는 creating new log segment 라는 메세지가 나오고 디비가 올라온 척 로그가 찍힌다


No actual action is required as this alert log text file content is expected behavior based on segmented log.xml files. There is nothing wrong with the database. It did not crash and restart.

However, if you absolutely want to prevent the extra information logging, you can do so by setting below parameters:

To avoid dumping the parameters information upon log.xml segmentation:

To avoid dumping the patch information upon log.xml segmentation:
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